The restaurant, located in the former Garden on Grand, will be a second location for the University City mainstay.

The new Pho Long on Grand, currently under construction at 2245 S. Grand. The “live edge” wooden bartop will remain.

Fans of the long-standing Pho Long Vietnamese restaurant in University City have reason to rejoice next week. The 55-seat, family-owned restaurant is expanding to a second location in the Shaw neighborhood – Pho Long on Grand.

The restaurant will occupy the space vacated by the stylish Garden on Grand (2245 S. Grand) last year. Look for a shortened line-up of pho, rice dishes, appetizers, Vietnamese coffee, smoothies, and desserts on the opening menu. (Pho Long is not to be confused with with Pho Grand, another Vietnamese restaurant located at 3195 S. Grand, one mile to the south.)

In the meantime, according to a post on Pho Long’s Facebook, the flagship restaurant at 8627 Olive in University City is “not closing and not leaving,” at least for the time being. The restaurant is located in Jeffrey Plaza, part of a proposed redevelopment area along Olive between I-170 and Woodson/McKnight, where Costco is rumored to be the likely anchor.

Should that project move forward, the post continues, the restaurant has until the beginning of 2019 before it would have to vacate, adding “We have been in the area for 12 years and will exhaust every option to stay within the vicinity,” which would delight its devotees. While it’s a debatable point, many St. Louisians feel that Pho Long has best pho in the city.

Stay tuned for more as both stories develop.